Work and Coffee in Bahrain

This is will be my first post in the Awesome Bahrain Guide blog, its not a guide actually is just a blog where I share a very Generic information about Bahrain, such as places I visit, Events, Restaurants i eat from, activities and what am doing!

My first blog Post will be about a coffee place I tend to visit allot, actually the place I started this blog from, Bahrain is a small country and this is a hell of an advantage for those who have self jobs, such as freelancers because they can work everyday in a new place!

Specialty coffee is a new trend in Bahrain, before people where only hooked up on Franchises Coffee places such as Starbucks and Caribu Coffee but now a new market just invaded Bahrain which is specialty coffee shops and you can find them everywhere.

One of the Places that I visit allot is Crust and Crema which is located in Gallaria mall, one of the first open malls in Bahrain. Usually in the GCC open malls is not so great because of the summer heat. This coffee place are managed by a Korean Barista who have a huge experience about Coffee and how to make it. Coffee is science and not anyone can open a coffee place. You should know which type of coffee beans to use and how to roast it and how to grind it and how to espresso it and how to serve it.

Coffee in Bahrain

This coffee shop is one of my favorite in Bahrain, I enjoy their hot and cold coffee drinks. They serve food  and other drinks if you dont drink coffee, My favorite is the Iced Caramel Macchiato with one shot of espresso! light, sweet and refreshing.

You can visit their Instagram account for more photos

Stay tuned! I will post more about coffee places in Bahrain!

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