Weather in Bahrain

Bahrain located in the middle of the world, no joke! Almost under the Tropic of Cancer line and that mean Bahrain weather is hot in 6 months of summer and moderate 2 months before winter and 2 months after winter, while the 2 months of Jan and Feb are the coldest.

Don’t underestimate Bahrain winter!

Summer months temperature can reach up to 50 Degrees Celsius, while coldest days in winter reach down to 9 Degrees in deserted areas. Dry summer days are nice for beach tans and swimming while humid summer days will make you hate your self. Our cold days are too cold.. Yes! Bahrain weather in Winter tend to be humid and windy which make cold air crawl into your bones and make you feel that temp is 1 or 2 degrees.

Rain season is limited to November and February, mostly you will witness drizzle days but once it rain hard it will be hard to drive across the country due to rain pools in streets and that because Bahrain infrastructure are not ready yet for heavy rains.

If you are travelling to Bahrain in winter season make sure you rent an SUV so you dont get stuck in the rain. In summer days rent a car with a cold AC such as Toyota Corolla or equivalent.

Best months to enjoy outdoors in Bahrain are November, December and February to April. weather temps are moderate and you see bikers everywhere.

There are so many coffee shops and diners with outdoor setting areas in Bahrain, specially recently because open malls are booming in Bahrain.

Photo Below of Avenus mall outdoors

Photos from Durrat Al Bahrain Food Festival.

weather in Bahrain

Photo below for Hala Plaza in Zinj Area

Photo below of Gardens Plaza in Budaya

There is more outdoor places such as Arjan Vilage, Nakheel Mall in Sar and Gallaria open Mall in Zinj.

Enjoy the good weather these days, make sure to not over kill it with heavy jackets always wear a normal long sleeve t shirt and keep your Jacket in the car in case of freezing nights.

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