Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain

By Traditional food I mean the food that Bahrainis eat in their homes with their families that is cooked in-house, Most Families in Bahrain cook their own food for lunch but there is also restaurants that can offer Bahrain Style traditional foods.

And dont get your self confused, Restaurants who serve rice in Bahrain such Mandy Rice or Bukhary Rice are all from Saudi, and have nothing to do with Bahrain Traditional food but there is no harm mentioning those restaurants in our list.

Bahrain real traditional food are served in few restaurants in Bahrain such as Machboos rice that usually comes with Fish or Meet or Muhammar rice etc.. In today’s post I am gonna list my favorite Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain that I tried.

Please note that the list below are not in order in terms of better or my favorite, whatever came to my mind first I mention it first.

Chef and Dish Restaurant in Riffa

A small restaurant in Riffa or Hajyyat area to be specific with a very small area for dining. But you can take-out or even order by phone and they will deliver. They do Traditional food such as Saloona, Machboos, Harees (beaten to death oats thing :D) and even Kabab. I noticed also they sell Bahraini authentic spices (Darseen).

Traditional food Bahrain

Sofrat Alya Restaurant in Sanad area

The restaurant is new and they opened to standout. A Bahraini Chef supervising the place and serve variety of Bahraini food! The food quality are brilliant and the taste is good. Their prices in the higher side but worth the try! They serve White rice with Saffy fish and its Delicious! Also they have Emawash rice with shrimps! Emwash is a traditional type of rice that became popular recently.

Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain

Sofrat Alya Bahrain

Sofrat Alya

Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain

Shahmanah Persian Restaurant

Well, its not a Bahraini Traditional Food Restaurant but it worth mentioning. After you try Bahraini food you will go to the closest which is either Saudi food or Persian food. Shahmanah located in Budaya in Uptown Village (you will find them in google maps) serve a very delicious Persian food such as Sheesh Kabab and Tachin – e – Morgh.

Their food is top notch and the portion is big, you can share one meal with your partner. They are not available in Talabat or Carriage but they have their own delivery and do catering as well.

Persian Food Bahrain

Bahrain Traditional Food Restaurants

Bahrain Traditional Food Restaurants

Bahrain Traditional Food Restaurants

Bahrain Traditional Food Restaurants

Persian Restaurant Bahrain

Al Abraj Restaurant

You cant go wrong with Al Abraj, they are located every where, prices are good and portions are reasonable. They offer more than traditional food such as Machboos and Beryani just in case your partner on diet and they need Grilles. Recently they launched a new Iraqi menu worth trying! AL Abraj one of the oldest names in Bahrain and they really know how the local people here like their food. Also their branch in Seef Mall Arad offers traditional Breakfast such as Chbood (Beef lever) and eggs. Just in-case your are looking for a coffee shop to work or study read this Post!

Abraj Restaurant

Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain

Bahrain Abraj

Lillys Garden Restaurant in Isa Town

A small Well decorated restaurant with owned by a Bahraini Chef, ask them for their signature Dishes to make sure your are getting what they do best. They offer Bahraini food with a modern touch, they serve Traditional Salads, Samboosa, Kofta (Potato small balls) , Koshari (the rice mixed with pasta and grilled onion), Madhrooba and other dishes. They are next to Starbucks in Isa Town.

Their Instagram Account

Kabab food Bahrain

Traditional food Restaurants Bahrain

Traditional food Bahrain

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