Things to do in Bahrain for Families

Are you coming to Bahrain for Tourism? or a Business trip? Dragging your family all the way to the middle of the world! Yes Bahrain located exactly in the middle of the world. Wondering if there is enough activities and things to do in Bahrain for your family?

In today’s post I will list down things you can do that are family friendly, and yes in Bahrain there is allot of places to enjoy and to entertain your family with you. Let face it, its not Europe where there is a Natural scenes or green scenic sites and its not Saudi Arabia either where there is big deserts and golden sands, but Bahrain is full of things to do other than than natural sites.

1- Shopping Malls

For such a small country we have allot of shopping malls, everywhere you will find a shopping mall. So let talk about the big ones that you will have to visit and small ones that you might visit.

Bahrain City Center

The Main and the biggest mall in Bahrain are located in Manama, you will find allot of fashion Brands, allot of restaurants from fine dining to normal franchises such as MacDonald in the food court. There is also a play area for kids called Magic Planet and if you get bored waiting for the wife spending your money you can go play bowling. Or you can set in a coffee shop having coffee while reading your book, or you can go to a movie since the main and bigger theaters in Bahrain are in the city center.

Restaurants such as Fridays, Chillies and P.F CHANG are location outside the food court next to the cinema and Restaurants such as Hardeez, Subway and Charlies are in the food court next to magic planet.

Things to do in Bahrain

The Avenues Mall Bahrain

The Avenues Mall is the newest mall in Bahrain, what make it unique than other malls are the outdoor setting area where you can enjoy eating from your favorite restaurant while enjoying a lovely sea view. Restaurants such as Cheese cake factory and 5 Guys located in Bahrain Avenues Mall. There are few fashion shops such as H&M but people mostly visit the mall to have lunch or dinner.

Seef Mall & Al Aali Mall

Both are located in the same area, Seef mall & Al Aali mall are the first real shopping malls in Bahrain. Both became an attraction for families recently specially in the morning both malls are very quite. I noticed people do walking and exercising inside the mall in the summer escaping from hot weather. You will find play area for kids in Seef mall and a big food court. 2 cinemas are in Seef mall if you want to buy tickets for a famous movie at the last moment then Seef mall is your place. Nice restaurants in Al Aali mall such San Carlo for Italian food lovers. Nu Asia, Jhonny rockets and Nino restaurants are all in one line next to Al Aali mall.

2- Outdoor Malls & Small Malls in Bahrain

In the last few years allot of out doors malls opened and my favorite is Halla Plaza in Zinj area, their are nice fountain with a play ground surrounded with restaurants and coffee shops.

Arjan Village is an outdoor small village with some restaurants, a very nice place to visit when the weather is not hot

Things to do Bahrain

Mercado Mall in Janabiya is the first mall you will see when you finish King Fahad cause way coming from KSA.

Zayed town is a nice place to set if you are looking for a big Starbucks and Coffee beans. There are few shops and restaurants as well.

Gallaria Mall in Zinj a nice place where you can enjoy your coffee after a heavy grocery shipping in Lulu hyper market.

Water Garden City is in Seef Area, a seafront that include a chain of restaurants and coffee shops.

Things to do in Bahrain for Families

3- Adliya area in Bahrain

One of most attractions for tourists, A very neat place where you can walk while looking for a restaurant to settle. The famous Cocos restaurant are located there. A plus point is a car park building. Popular hotels such as Gulf hotel is located next to the area.

4- Bahrain Bay Area

One of my favorite places that I visited recently, Next to Bahrain Financial Harbor. Allot festivals and events go into place there. Its basically an artificial island with Four Seasons hotel in the middle of it. Bahrain Bay the Park are very nice place to enjoy with your family that includes a play ground, restaurants and you can even have boat tour or hire a small boat to eat pizza while looking at the sites.

5- Zoo and Animals

Well, if you are into animals then Al Areen Zoo is your place you can enjoy a full day having a tour inside the Zoo.

For more information on tours and activities inside the Park please visit their Web Site.

6- Motorsports

Want to drive in the Bahrain GP F1 Circuit then Bahrain International Circuit is your destination, you can hire a car and drive in the circuit. Visit the BIC website and check their calendar that is full of activities. More about Motorsports in Bahrain in this Post.

7- Sheesha and Smoking Lounges

Sheesha is very popular in Bahrain, We have allot of Sheesha places some of them also offer a good food.

  • Chaise Cafe in Adliya and Amwaj
  • Bandeera in Al Aali Mall
  • Fancy Sheesha in Ventos in the Four Season Hotel
  • Reem Al Bawadi in Seef Area

8- Amwaj Island

A big artificial Island with a popular attraction called the Lagoon with allot of restaurants and coffee shops with sheesha, you can enjoy walking in the lagoon or have a nice meal with a sea view. Their is a Marina club as well and you can hire a sea view villa for one day to enjoy a lovely BBQ with the family.

9- The Tree of life

The only place I didnt visit in Bahrain although I lived all my life here. Its a tourist attraction where you can see the oldest tree in Bahrain. Just be careful and dont show off your off road talent.

10 – Beaches

Allot of beaches but a few to visit and fewer that is open for public. Most of beaches are inside hotels such as Art Rotana hotel in Amwaj, Four seasons Hotel Beach and Sofitel Hotel Beach.

Bilaj Al Jazaer Beach are open to Public but I think it is under construction in the moment and there is another public beach in Hidd area.

Al Dar Islands, Its 10 minutes by Boat from Bahrain Yakht Club. Allot of activities in the Island such as open Beaches, Restaurant, Bar and you can hire a jet ski.

Hawar Islands are around 1 hour by speed boat from Jaw ( a city south Bahrain ), A good place to escape to for a couple of days and enjoy the Swimming and Tanning, There is a Resort with beach cabins you can hire, a big pool with a bar. Sometimes you can find wild animals.

11- Parks in Bahrain

Allot of Parks in Bahrain where you can enjoy exercising and Jogging and no entrance fees.  Some of them even got small restaurant booths, Play Grounds for kids and some green to clean the air.

  • Isa Town Park
  • Tubli Sea Front Walking Park
  • Muntazah Khalifa in Hidd a nice place to walk and let the kids play
  • Awali Garden Park but its exclusive for Bapco Employees
  • Muntazah Al Ghous in Muharraq, at the end of Muharraq Bridge while coming from Manama.
  • Marina Park (Next to Exhibition Road) The first and biggest Park in Bahrain with a sea front.
  • Dohat Arad Park in Muharraq is an amazing place for walking, few minutes away from the Air port.

Below Photo for Prince Khalifa Park located in the middle of Hidd Bridge

12- Forts and Historic Places

Bahrain Museum, Last time I went their when I was 14 on a school trip. I am sure it will be an interesting place for those want to know more about Bahrain History.

Bahrain Fort which is also called Portuguese Fort located in Manama are the oldest fort with a history go back to the Dilmun era at 3000 BC. It on the shores of Manama. You can visit the forst take a tour inside it, there a building with a coffee shop as well next to the fort and you can walk on the shores.

Riffa Fort built by Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Al Khalifa in 1812.

Arad Fort was built in the 15th Century, and it was used to protect Bahrain from enemies.  Next to the fort you will find Arad Seef mall which is a new mall and the biggest mall in Mahurraq Island. The mall include cinema, restaurants and shops.

13- Traditional Food

You want taste our traditional food and experience local flavors? Then try our traditional food such Beryani Rice, Saffy Fish and Muhammar! Read this POST and select a restaurant to experience the Bahraini local Traditional Food.

Traditional Food Restaurants in Bahrain

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