Restaurants open for Outdoors only!

I know I am very late writing this post, but late better than nothing. Finally Bahrain’s Restaurants got the permission to open outdoors but your have to strictly follow precautions such as staying far from others and filling up a form with your information, Oh and dont forget your masks.

While indoors being postponed until the end of Oct 2020, you can enjoy setting outdoors specially with the weather starting to become better.

No, sheesha places not included as they remain off.

In my personal opinion I really dont recommend setting outdoors in the moment until Covid-19 cases become much less. You never know someone might be affected setting next you. Then they will contact you for a test and it goes on.

Be careful and let us all be positive, right now vaccine under testing thanx to all volunteered and got the vaccine injections. Inshalla covid-19 days will become just a memory soon to talk about in our gatherings.


Ahmed B

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