My Favorite Burger Restaurants in Bahrain

Just like the coffee places, burger restaurants are also booming in Bahrain and you can find them in every corner. And I will not talk today about international junk food franchise such as McDonald, I will talk about local Burger Restaurants that really do a delicious freshly made burgers.

I hate oily burgers I prefer dry big patties! But restaurants serving dry burgers are rare there days. I remember 10 years ago we only had Jan Burger (which is popular in Bahrain for grille burgers), and this was the only option other than fast food burgers such as Jasmis, MacDonald, Hardeez and Burger king.

Today allot of local burger places and franchises from the GCC came into Picture, and I will mention my favorite burger restaurants i tried so far in Bahrain, note.. they are not in order I will mention what comes into my mind first.

Note. I am not sponsored from any of the below Restaurants

1- Slider Station in Adliya

Slider Station is a Kuwaiti Franchise opened recently in Bahrain exactly in Adliya next to Lilu cafe exactly. Well known for burgers and sliders, I tried recently “Solar Gravity Burger” (the burger with the red bread) and it taste like hell (in a good way).  Their grille chicken slider is surprisingly taste good as well. The restaurant pricy little bit. I paid 4 BD for Solar Gravity Burger.

Burger Restaurants in Bahrain

2- Fuddruckers in Adliya

Fudruckers burger is everyday burger! Big dry patty! You never get bored from Fudz! Best Value for the price. South West burger is my always order because it comes with Guacamole.


3- South Side Burgers in Hamala Hills

South Side is a very nice place for kids, the restaurant theme about vintage games such Atari and some board game. There burger is big and dry! Absolutely will make you feel full. You can enjoy a great burger and your children will enjoy their time as well. They also serve some awesome milk shakes!

burgers in Bahrain

4- Three Guys in Jirdab Road

Three Guys are a popular place for local Bahrainis, Home made medium size patty burger with light bread. Its a good place if you want a budget take away burger that is better than other fast food burgers.


5- OOTB in Hala Plaza

OOTB serve a delicious home made patty and I like it because they serve it with a toast bread which make you feel the patty taste more than other burger places. The Restaurant idea is new were they serve everything in Toast bread such as burgers, sweet, sandwiches etc… I liked the place allot. You should try also their huge milkshakes.

Restaurants in Bahrain

6- Plate 48

The place named on the Famous Harley Davidson Bike 48! Its a new Restaurant located in Budiya in Palm Square which is a small mall. Its not specifically a Burger place but they serve a delicious high quality Angus Burgers! I also tried their shrimp sandwich and its so good! Their prices little bit on the high side but their food quality is solid.


Best Burgers Bahrain


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