Motorsports in Bahrain

Bahrain Motorsports History

Most Motorsports enthusiasts around the world know Bahrain because of Bahrain GP that started in 2004 and its running till now, in-fact Bahrain will host the 2019 Formula 1 as well in the month of April. But Bahrain Have a great history in Motorsports and legendry drivers, Motorsports in Bahrain go back to the 1940s era where it was one of the first countries in the region to organize rally and motocross championships, Awali track was a popular place until the 90s for rally racing and autocross activities. Then Drag race started to be popular in the beginning of the millennium which was used to be arranged in Sakhair Run way, which is an old air base for the military.

The photos below taken in 1954 BMC rally which was sponsored by Bapco.

New Motorsports should be taken seriously

In 2004 Bahrain opened Bahrain International Circuit which was dedicated for Formula 1 Races and drag racing championships, the BIC also provide you with an open track days where you can test your car in the same F1 track.

Another Motorsports came into life in the last 4 years are the 2000cc Circuit racing, Autocross and drifting, which unfortunately till our day are not taken seriously. Both Drifting and Autocross been arranged in the BIC car park plot with a set of cones. Autocross arranged by the Bahrain Motors federation BMF and drifting arranged by the BIC but with a sponsorship from E.K.Kanoo the same family owns Toyota Dealer in Bahrain. Ebrahim Kanoo one of the most famous Motorsports enthusiasts in Bahrain have a great collection of modified sport cars and he also have a great history in breaking drag race records.

The photo below taken from Redbull park Championship in Bahrain (Driver: Thamer Al Isa)

Below Bahrain Auto Cross 2018/2019 Season Calendar

Motorsports in Bahrain

Unfortunately prices in the BIC are very high compared with the average income of Bahrainis, for example an open track day will cost 70 BD for full day or 50 for half day or 20 for single session. Which most of young cars enthusiasts in Bahrain can’t afford.

Most youngsters in Bahrain enjoy watching the drag race and drifting, which are more way popular than F1 in Bahrain. People who had a say in Bahrain Motorsports in Bahrain should realize that Drag Racing, Drifting and Autocross are the new generation of motorsports while F1 is just an old Motorsports that are dying slowly. It’s very hard to find a formula 1 fan younger than 30 years old!

For more information about Drift, drag days and other motorsports activities you can visit BIC website and browse their calendar.

For More information about autocross events, visit their Instagram account.

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