Lounges in Bahrain you have to Visit

This post came little late! But finally I got the chance to edit the blog! I visited few Cafes and Lounges with bars when the weather was cool in Jan and Feb this year. I choose 2 place that you have to visit and off-course both of them in Adliya, Manama.

1- Akaya Restaurant and Lounge Bar

The place well decorated actually I never Expected the place to be this good from the inside when I saw it from the outside. The interior is amazing with a beautiful outdoors where you can enjoy the delicious food and have drink alcohol or virgin drinks. They serve multiple types of main courses and sweet with awesome drinks. Sorry for phone camera shots.

Lounge in Bahrain

Lounge in Bahrain

A great outdoors you can enjoy with your friends, or family! they open from 6 PM till late night!

Lounge in Bahrain


2- Haus Lounge and Restaurant in Bahrain

The 2nd place is Haus the same owner of Raaw coffee shop in Sar that are well knows for their specialty coffee and healthy style food. Haus offer you a variety of well made food and drinks! They have a Bar in 2nd floor. Outdoor area are very nice with portable AC for summer days. They also have a small bakery in house. I tried they Fish TacosĀ  and Yummy light and delicious. A place you must try!

Haus Restaurant Bahrain

Haus Lounge in Bahrain

You should try this delicious dessert! Cookie in a pan with ice cream! make sure to eat while its Hot!

Their passion fruit juice also is Yummy!

And this is the sea food tacos! light and Yummy!

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