India on Full Lock down and more Corona Virus Updates

As of today 24 March 2020, here is a summery of the situation around the world regarding Covid-19 or Corona Virus

-India just announced a full lock down to all population 1.3 Billion because of the virus for 21 Days. The cases of corona virus in India just surpassed 500 cases.

– Today the united Kingdom started lock down for 3 weeks, Number of total cases Died because of Corona virus in the UK are 422 till this moment and the total number of cases are 8077.

-In the United states of America till the moment of writing this post reach 48,800 cases and 611 people died from Covid-19. You can find an index of the cases in the US in this Link.

-In Bahrain the authorities just released a notice stating that people should go out only for buying essential items such as medicines or go to hospitals. The number of Deaths reached 3 in Bahrain. The current positive cases are 211 and the recovered cases are 164. Bahrain Representatives Council Approve ‘Partial Curfew’ Proposal but the authorities still do not announce the same officially. Also from 26 March to 9 April all shopping outlets will be closed + dine in restaurants… for more read this article

-In Japan they officially postponed the Olympic Games until next year.

-In Italy cases tested with positive COVID-19 reach 69,176 people and deaths are 6,820 and recovered 8,326. If you need live update about the situation in Italy here is a Link.

-In UAE the ministry of health just announced 50 new cases today which makes the total 248 Cases.

Total Number Covid-19 cases globally reached 400K … More Corona Virus updates are coming.. Stay Tuned.


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