Grocery Shopping in Bahrain

Planing to move to Bahrain but worrying about living expenses? Do not worry this is aint Dubai.

Grocery shopping in Bahrain is very convenient, there is a store in every Street, Neighborhood and Mall! Big international names such as Lulu, Care four and Giant are available as well as local big names such as Al-Osra, Al Jazeera and Al Montazah.

Shopping at Bahrain Lulu Hyper Market

Lulu Hyper Market are the most preferable for Expats in Bahrain specially Asians, because of the competitive prices they offer. You can also use B Wallet app which is provided by Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunication company) and you get 10% back at the end of every month. What I like about Lulu is that even on crowded days you wont find ques waiting for the cashier counters.

You can find Lulu In Gallaria Mall (Zinj), In Riffa, In Dana Mall (Sanabis), in Hidd and in Ramli Mall (Aali).

Grocery in Bahrain

Shopping at Al-Osra Super Market

Al-Osra is a different kind of a Grocery store where you can find unique brands that you wont find in most of super markets. Such an american brand peanut butter or an expansive chocolate bar because it came from Europe. That why it proffered by White Expats in Bahrain

Al-Osra is a place you go to when you are bored from your every time super market and you are looking only to buy few items, Off-Course prices is little bit more expansive from Hyper Markets such as Lulu and Care-four.

You can find Al-Osra in Amwaj, Riffa Views, Mercado Mall and Al Nakheel Mall in Saar.

Other than those big stores you can find medium-small size grocery stores in every corner in Bahrain, They are safe to buy from just check the expiry date before buying diary products.

Fruits in Bahrain

As for Fruits! Prices are different in a way you cant imagine, if you want to buy a big quantity of fruits then better to go to the Central market i Manama, but it not worth driving their and spending time finding a car park to get your self a few types of fruits.

Hyper markets such as Lulu offer a variety of fruits with a prices more expansive than the Central Market, but for personal or small family needs it will be fine to buy from them. Super Markets also offer fruits but it can get pretty expansive, Last week I bought 1 Avocado for 1 BD!!

We are at the end of 2018 and VAT going to be applied at the beginning of the new year, make sure that the 5% is calculated correctly in your bill!




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