Food Trucks in Bahrain

Well, apparently opening a restaurant in Bahrain is an easy way to get you some money. We have so many restaurants that you need another life time to try them all. I noticed lately the concept of food trucks became popular in Bahrain and am not just talking about those wooden cheep food trucks that serve ice cream or donuts! No, There is food trucks that serve a really proper food.

Currently there is no clear laws for food trucks in Bahrain, After an investigation I did, it seems like you can park your food truck where ever you want as long as you have a permission from the property owner.

How much to build your food Truck?

Making a food truck is not a piece of cake, starting from 3500 BD for a small one and can reach up to 10K BD for a one with a kitchen that can serve food. You will also will need a silent electricity Generator which will cost you around 800 BD, A car to tow the truck and a CR… YES a Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Commerce and that means that you should have a real restaurant to be able to operate a food truck.

I will share with you 2 locations for food trucks and 1 coffee truck that I tried and I was impressed with the quality of their food.

My Favorite food trucks so far!

Hamalla Food Trucks

Before few months I went to “The Forge” which is a food truck parked next to Hamala hills Mall, they are specialized in Brisket beef and it really worth cutting your diet for… The beef tasted delicious, their chicken burger as well worth trying. You should try it if you are into Briskets sandwiches.

Food Trucks in Bahrain

Saar Food Trucks

Saar and Janabiya have a massive number of Food trucks! around 15 Trucks as I counted them last time, coffee, Food, sweet and more! Low budget trucks and high Budget trucks you can find them their!

Food trucks Bahrain

Janabiya food trucks

Food truck in Bahrain

Budaya Coffee Truck

If you are staying in Budaya area and you need quick coffee to go! Then you should try Seven Friday Coffee truck parked in Garden Plaza open mall in Budaya, Their Zaafran Coffee is amazing worth driving to Budaya for it.

Marassi AL Bahrain Food Trucks

You can find food trucks near the beach as well, thanx to Marassi Al Bahrain which is located in Diyaar al Muharraq you can enjoy few food trucks their. The entrance is 2 BD to the beach per person.



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