First Coronavirus case in Bahrain – updated

Updated 5-March-2020! So far until this moment we have a total of 52 Coronavirus cases! The good news the first case became better and he released from the Quarantine, The 3 new cases that was added to the list recently got infected from those returned from Iran.

Among all those cases only 2 are on medication, while others are becoming fine without any medications.

In the same time US announced that they started trying the Vaccine on human beings. The whole world are waiting for the result.

China will also begin clinical experiments for a potential vaccine to combat coronavirus next month.

By Today the total number of Coronavirus cases in the world 93K People and more than 3200 Deaths in 70 Countries 

Updated 2-March-2020! Total cases reached today 47 Cases, all patients are in stable condition and receiving ongoing care and medical treatment. An electronic registration system was launched to schedule medical check up for people returned from Iran During Feb, You can visit

8 PM Bahrain time: Saudi Arabia Announced that first case of coronavirus confirmed.. more information in the link

The check up vehicles are working to collect samples for those who returned from Iran.


Updated 1-March-2020! Here we are again updating this thread, 3 more cases registered with corona virus in Bahrain which makes the total 41 cases. All those traveled back from Iran through indirect flights.

The 41 cases so far being treated and there condition is good. Ministry of health announces lately that they prepared vehicles to visit all cases came from Iran and medical check them in their houses. A great effort by the ministry.

Corona Virus Bahrain

On the other hand Civil Defense also sterilized and cleaned the airport on Thursday and will continuously.

Updated 29-Feb-2020! So… on the time of writing this update we have 38 cases in Bahrain in total. All of them returned from Iran! Authorities in Bahrain announced that legal action will be taken against anyone who returned  from Iran during Feb and has not reported authority. Till the day 300+ cases reported they came back from Iran and around 2000+ cases still did not!!!!

Still there is no confirmation about postponing the F1 race for this year, but I guess the race this year will be mostly  postponed until the virus contained..

The below graph show the chance of dying from getting infected in each age category!

coronavirus Bahrain

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Updated on 27 -Feb -2020! Cases of corona virus increased to reach 33 cases in Bahrain, All these cases are people travelling back from Iran. I guess as long as none of these cases are infected locally then the virus is contained pretty well.

Bahrain Authorities are making huge efforts and actions to contain Coronavirus, 3 quarantines facilities are ready to isolate new cases (if there will be).

Saudi Arabia just announced stopping Visa and Visits from outside KSA for Omra purposes.

Stay away from gatherings, always clean your hands and wear your masks!

Corona virus Bahrain

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Yes the day came! Were this little creature COVID-19 entered the our beloved country, as per BNA Web site Corona Virus entered the country through a traveler who came from Iran and the Ministry of Health in Bahrain now they Quarantined the patient in Ebrahim Kanoo Hospital in Salmaniya were they immediately started the treatment procedure. The Ministry will also contact all those who was exposed to the patient.

Bahrain Ministry of Health also said they will Quarantine all those came from Iran and other countries were Coronavirus outbreaked for 14 days.

The Patient is a School bus driver as it says in some social media sources. Also some schools (still not sure which) are going to be closed as a precaution.

Iran announced that they had Coronavirus outbreak through an Iranian coming from China.

Kuwait also announced their first three cases who just came back from visiting Iran and all 3 of them under monitoring.

Well, The problem with Corona Virus is that it have a high reproductive rate. Below from Reddit.

Coronavirus Bahrain

The Full BNA news (Official announcement of Bahrain Coronavirus) link:

If you feel lately that your temp above average or you have cough or breathing difficulties please stay in your location and avoid exposing your self to family members and call 444 where you will receive the required medical guidance.

And here how you can reduce your risk from Coronavirus:

Coronia Bahrain



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