Corona Virus Bahrain Guidelines precautions Laws Translated

Hopefully this Article will be helpfull for many none Arabic readers, To limit the Corona Virus Covid-19 spread in the kingdom of Bahrain, the below decisions were taken and will be affected from 18-March-2020 for 1 month.

11 Points by His Highness Bahrain Crown Prince to be strictly considered:

1- Continue Working as usual in public and private sector, go to your office as usual but if there is a possibility for remote working then do it.

2- Cinemas are closed.

3- First opening working hour of catering outlets will be dedicated to the elderly and pregnant women.

4- ALL arriving passengers will be held under self isolation for 14 days

5- Malls and supermarkets are open as usual, taking health precautions in consideration.

6-Gyms, pools, and health clubs are closed.

7- All should stay at home as much as possible, and no gatherings above 20 persons.

8- Restaurants are delivery only or Take out. No Dine in!

9- Sheesha cafes will be closed.

10- Only essential travel allowed, Avoid travelling as much as you can!

11- No schools or nursery until further notice!

Advice that you (Peronally) will have to follow as a precautions:

-Wash your hand as much as you can.

-Sterilize surfaces on a daily basis.

-Cover your moth and nose while sneezing or coughing.

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