Buy used car in Bahrain Tips

You just came to Bahrain looking for a car! Cant decide wither you staying long enough to buy a new car! Then a used car your best bid!

So many ways to buy a used car in Bahrain, The best way is finding a car that is referred or owned by a family member or a trusted friend.  A car that you know it did not went into an accident etc obviously because you know the owner closely. Other wise you will have to look for a used car in Bahrain through one of the below points.

Bahrain Used cars dealers Tips

Yes there is allot of used cars dealers, some of the is trust worthy and some not and once you did the purchase there is no way you can undo! So be careful, first step ask about the dealer reputation, unfortunately its unlike the US where you can check Yelp! or auto trader reviews! You will have to do this on your own! Ask your friends and let them ask their friends.

Reputation checked? Time to visit the dealer personally and inspect the car personally before you take it to an expert to check the car for you! Check the paint, are there any difference between the car panels? The interior condition match the cars mileage? Open the doors, hood and trunk and check corners for rust? recently painted spots? Missing bolts?  The car specs suits your needs? Some cars come with different engine sizes? For example one of the most traded cars are Kia Sportage and it comes in 3 engines 1.6 2.0 and 2.4 allot of people bought the 1.6 and complained about it because its slow and not fuel efficient due driving the car in high RPM because of small engine! be careful!

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After the car succeed your self examination time to negotiate the price! Do not pay for a Mechanic to check the car before you agree on the car price with the dealer! Believe me in Bahrain you can drop to 15% of the car price very easy! And here is how! come up with excuses such as: The car need new tires, need some maintenance or some paint and all this should be deducted from the car price.

After agreeing on a price with the dealer! Time for a serious inspection, Take to one of those shop who check for your the whole car! Body, Frame, Engine and gearbox! It cost around 20 to 30 BD or if you know a good mechanic let him check your car! Most important is the car frame! Be careful not to buy a totaled car with welded frame it might not even pass the Traffic annual inspection!! Then check panels for new paint! and if it had accidents or no? Small accidents are not an issue! But big ones might affect the air bag system etc.

Make sure the airbag light is not on! and if its off check the fuse box if it in a normal condition not played with. Some seller close the light buy removing the airbag light fuse!

Only after the expert inspection buy your first used car in Bahrain!

Buying a Used car with USA Specs in Bahrain

Keep in mind most of US Specs cars in Bahrain are Salvaged and fixed before importing them to Bahrain, Always take the Vin number of the used US Specs car in Bahrain and go to and search the VIN Number to get the car history, this process will cost you around 20 USD but it work it to see the car history.

Just make sure to stay away from US Specs Lexus cars, their ECU are different than GCC Specs cars and cannot be programmed locally in Bahrain.

Instagram car sales Accounts

There is plenty of them and most of them used by dealers, If you insisting of buying a used car from the original owner then you can freely as the buyer if he is the first owner, Got doubts you can always call traffic department and check if he is really the first owner!

Be careful allot of seller buy totaled cars from insurance auctions and fix them, then they sell them through Instagram! Make sure to investigate with the traffic department if the car had an accident or no.

Prices you see in Instagram are just an open price, you can negotiate and reduce around 10 to 15% from the price.

Trade in your car in Bahrain

Some Dealers they make an offer where you can trade in your old car with a new car! They usually underestimate your car value. If you get a decent price, even if its under the market price by 10% or 15% it still worth it to trade your car and that because Bahrain used cars market are small and selling you car will take time. Sometimes allot of time!

Buying through websites

Buying used cars in Bahrain through websites such as, and will save your time.. But you will still have to do your homework mentioned in the above points. Most of dealers now advertise their cars in these websites and facebook groups. Its hard to find an original owner used car these days.




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