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Coffee is a poison, Drink it when you really need it! I feel better now writing this post, Coffee became a trend recently in Bahrain and as a proof you see a take out queue in Starbucks longer than McDonald even in dinner time and I do not think those people got a late shift at work! I guess they are replacing water with coffee!!

Coffee Shops in Bahrain are everywhere, they split into 2 types Franchise such as Starbucks and Caribou coffee and Specialty coffee shops. Well.. some of them might not be specialty as you think, they only mention it in their sign board and Instagram account. A real Specialty coffee shop is a place with a proper Barista supervising the place.

Real Coffee People are those who looking for real coffee shops with real baristas serving a coffee considering details such as how long to roast the beans, the way they grind the beans and which type of beans to use for each drink! If you fall under this category then your options are limited in Bahrain.

In my opinion these are the best Coffee Shops in Bahrain in terms of Coffee Quality and the place.

Crust and Crema Coffee Shop

Located in Gallaria Mall in Zinj Area, Managed by a Korean Barista, you can find a variety of coffee beans, flavors and DIY coffee equipment if you would like to make your own coffee at home. They also serve food and specialized in breakfast.

Setting area up stairs are huge, usually the place filled with students in normal days and families in the weekend.

Prices are starting from 1.5 BD for the cup of coffee.

Coffee in Bahrain

Ritual in Janabiya

Looking for a creative specialty coffee! Recently opened and actually I just updated this post on 5 Feb 2020 just to mention this great place. A well designed coffee shop Indoor and outdoor setting areas. They use certain type of beans for every drink! You can even select the type of beans you want if you know what you are doing! Their Affogato ice cream one of the best you can find in Bahrain also dont forget to try their Ritual Signature drink. They also do V60 hot coffee and the chocolate stuffed mini donuts taste so Good!

specialty coffee Bahrain

Bahrain coffee shop

Ritual Cafe in Bahrain

Coffea in Seef Area

Coffea is a Kuwaiti Franchise known for their flavored coffee such as Zaafran Coffee and Pistachio coffee. It located in Seef Area. Setting area inside is limited. I recommend their Cortado.

Coffee Shops in Bahrain

Grind in Saar

Grind is one of the first Specialty Coffee Shops in Bahrain, its located in Saar opposite of Saar Cinema. The place is tight from the inside but there is a setting area outdoors.

Caribou Coffe (Budaya Branch)

A strategic location because its attached with Fudruckers, a good place for a long time working. I think Caribou more a slash drinks seller than a real coffee.. anyways i like their Mint Condition Drink.

Starbucks Zayed Town

The newest Starbucks in Bahrain, I think Starbucks is just a trend for college students or a place for those going through midlife crisis. I dont like their drinks at all but the setting area are nice in that branch.

coffee in Bahrain

Tim Hortons Bahrain

The Canadian Coffee franchise opened in Bahrain recently, 2 branches available 1 in Gallaria and 1 in Wadi el Sail near the BDF Hospital in Riffa, I listed it here not because of their average coffee but because of the variety of reasonably prices Breakfast items and Lunch items.

Their donuts are light and Delicious, 12 pcs for 2.9 BD! Compared with Crispy creme yah you areĀ  saving allot.

Coffee places Bahrain

Coffee shops Bahrain

Time Hortons Bahrain

For more on coffee places you can always check @TasteBahrain


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