Best Classifieds Website to Post your ads in Bahrain

So, you are in Bahrain and you have a bunch of used items you want to get rid of!? Or at least recover a small amount from them!? There are few channels you can use to sell your used stuff such as cars, electronics, sport equipment and furniture…

Before when Instagram was new there is like one main popular account for used cars and one main account for used furniture etc.. but now unfortunately there is huge number of accounts and each have like a small or big number (mostly fake) followers! Which make it hard for us contact all those accounts owners to post our used items.

Recently I wanted to sell my car! And I went through the most used buy and sell classifieds websites… I will list down the best top classifieds website you can use in Bahrain to sell your stuff quickly! And headache free!

Top Classified sites in Bahrain

  • yes ma6looob one of my favorite accounts for 2 reasons, first reason it will allow me to post anything for free and without limit of number of posts or duration!! Actually you can select the expiry date for your ads! Second reason is that you can post business and personal ads! The categories made to be easy for those who are looking for specific products or services. You can also register quickly in using your Facebook or Google Login.

classifieds Bahrain

  • Olx is a well-known for classifieds, allot of people using but the problem is the limitation of the number of days you can keep your ads! And the number of ad is limited! But when you post your ad with Olx it will reach a wide number of audience in Bahrain.


  • lost allot of its popularity due the Spamy posts and repeated ads! But what it’s very easy to use and the registration process is super easy.


The above 3 websites are main classifieds websites in Bahrain, you can’t go wrong posting in one of them  or in all of them!

Old Fashion

If you are not an online person then you will mostly like to post your items in bulletin boards you find in most Super markets entrance such as Al Osra Super markets, Al Jazeera Super Market in Zinj area or even Al Manazel store in Salmabad. Read more about grocery stores in Bahrain.

Other methods such as online Forums or Facebook pages are all dead in the region.

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