Best Asian food restaurants in Bahrain

My favorite cosine and food are the Asian food, sushi, noodles, dumplings, steam rise and you name the rest. After trying to many Asian including Japanese restaurants I am finally capable of selecting for you the top Asian food restaurants in Bahrain in my opinion.

There is so many restaurants offer fake Asian food and some also offer real Asian food and they put really make big efforts to take you through real experience of the delicious Asian or Japanese food.

I will list down some of the restaurants that I really enjoyed me and my partner, they offer variety of food and I took some photos of what they serve.

Be aware you are about to see photos of some delicious food that will make you hungry, here we go Top Asian restaurants in Bahrain

  1. Aburi Japanese Restaurant in Saar

Recently opened and I was honored to be invited to the opening, they serve delicious Japanese Asian food such as Sushi, amazing noodles and Shrimps. Cooked or raw whatever you prefer in addition to that the restaurant decoration make you feel you are in Japan with an in house big kitchen and an experience Asian chef.

Asian Food Bahrain

Sushi Bahrain

Asian food

2. Nu Asia

Most of you will not agree with me, but Nu Asia in Al Aali mall or the one in Zayed Town offer some great Asian food and Arabic style grilled food as well if your partner do not eat Asian food. Their new menu offer Delicious Duck platter and new noodle styles that you will like. Also they have a variety of drinks and fresh juices. Their prices are reasonable for fine dining and a big place were you can enjoy dinner with your family and friends. They also offer amazing sweets such their Lemon cake.

Nu Asia Bahrain

Asian food Bahrain

Japanese Restaurant Bahrain

3. Wok Station in Gallaria Mall

If you are Asian and you want to make sure your food is cooked your style in front of you! No oil and best gradients then Wok Station restaurant is your place. Noodle person? Yes they serve all kinds even custom dishes that satisfy your taste. They really care about food quality, always fresh. The place is nice 2 floors with an orange theme. Steam rise with your favorite flavor can be served as well.

Asian food Bahrain

Noodles Restaurant

Asian restaurants

There is more restaurants am sure, if you have recommendations post them in the comments and I will try to visit them and ad them to the list! enjoy

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