1 man Died from HantaVirus – New Virus?

China declared yesterday that a person died because of a virus but this time its not the Corona Virus Covid-19 its another Virus called Hanta Virus.

In Yunnan Province in China 1 person Died lately, and he was diagnosed with this Hanta Virus! However, experts were quick to point out that it is not a new virus and this virus rarely thought to have been spread between humans.

“The Hantavirus first emerged in 1950s in the American-Korean war in Korea (Hantan river). It spreads from rat/mice if humans ingest their body fluids. Human-human transmission is rare,” Swedish scientist Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh tweeted.

So please Do Not Panic! Unless you planning to eat rats! 

Symptoms are similar to Covid-19 such as  fevers, headaches, coughing and shortness of breath but it will also extend to Muscles pain.


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